Application Notes

The wide range of spectroscopic-related products offered by Sarspec provides great flexibility when assembling a set-up intended to meet your spectroscopic measurements demands. The compact and innovative design of our fiber optic light sources and spectrometers along with our vast selection of fiber optic accessories provide portability, performance, sensitivity, and simplicity to set a different number of configurations and cover a full range of spectroscopic applications.

Industry/Quality Control

With a small footprint but a great performance and efficiency, our spectrometers are tailored for industry-specific application in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and light industries, among others. Find out more about our ideas of application for industrial and quality control purposes.

Research and Development

The flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency of our light sources, spectrometers, and accessories allow you to customize a setup that can perform several spectroscopic techniques and deal with different applications. Find out more about our ideas of application for research and development purposes.


The simplicity of our spectroscopic systems provides a complete and innovative solution for hands-on activities and active learning of spectroscopic techniques. Find out more about our ideas of application for educational purposes.