Irradiating samples uniformly never looked so easy!


  • Uniform Irradiation Area
  • High Power Illumination to Your Sample
  • Irradiation Power and Duration Control
  • Local/Remote Intensity Controller
  • User -Interchangeable LED System
  • Light Source Controller Software Include 
    UniLight is a complete solution for those who are looking for a high-performance irradiation system with great efficiency and uniformity. The sample holder has a large irradiation area for multiple sample irradiations and is manually height-controlled. The LED irradiation board on UniLight delivers a stable and powerful intensity that can be dimmed manually, using the included Controller Box. For a more precise control of irradiation intensity, UniLight can be remotely controlled using the Light Controller software.
    With this software, users can also control the duration of the LED irradiation, the external and internal trigger functions, and create specific illumination power and duration cycles according to the application. The large selection of LEDs available and the user-interchangeable board system offers a great flexibility regarding the wavelength illumination of your sample.

    Illuminate your sample uniformly

    The way the LED system is distributed on the irradiation board of the UniLight provides high uniform irradiation (more than 95 %) over a large area (12 X 8 cm), and allows for a sample or multiple samples to get the same amount of light.

    Control the Power and Duration of the Irradiation

    The Controller Box provides manual control of the LED system irradiation power. By connecting the Controller Box to a PC through a USB cable, UniLight can be remotely controlled with the Light Controller software for the power, duration, triggering functions and illumination power, and duration events according to the application.

    A Higher Irradiation Intensity

    The LED arrangement on the irradiation board deliver a high intensity output with a maximum of 10 mW. Both UniLight Controller Box and Light Controller software provides an accurate and linear control of the UniLight power output.

    A Flexible Wavelenght Selection

    The UniLight provides a great flexibility regarding the wavelength range for irradiation and user-interchangeable LED board system. Sarspec offers more than 40 LEDs with different wavelengths, covering from 265 to 1550 nm, that can be installed LED board system.

    Technical Data


    Operational Range
    265-1550 nm (divided in more than 40 LEDs)
    Irradiation Power
    Up to 30 mW/cm2 (LED Dependant)
    Sample Distance to Source
    Adjustable (best at 5 cm)
    Power Control
    Yes, Manually and via Software
    Lightsource Controller (included9)
    In / Out
    30 cm (L) x 30 cm (D) x 26.5 cm (H)
    7.5 Kg

    Typical Applications

    The large uniformity area and the high-intensity output of UniLight makes it perfect for several applications such as polymerization, sterilization, drying printed surfaces, and curing adhesives, among others. The Controller Box is a simple and fast way of controlling the power of your UniLight while the Light Controller software provides more features for a wide range of applications.

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