Solid Sample Holder

  • Ideal for using with non-opaque solid samples;
  • Compatible with standard 10 mm pathlengths cuvette holders;
  • Provides precise and reliable results;
  • Perfect for absorbance and transmittance measurements;

The solid sample holder is the ideal support for measuring the absorbance and transmittance of transparent solids in cuvette holders. This support is a 10 mm pathlength cuvette-shaped piece with an adjustable solid retainer that helps you to accommodate any non-opaque solid samples up to 4 mm of thickness. The solid sample holder is a flexible solution that can be used in connection with all three cuvette holders offered by Sarspec or any standard 10 mm pathlength cuvette holder on any spectrometer of your laboratory.

Technical Information

Support Material
Support Dimensions
Holder Dimensions
Black Anodized Aluminum
10 mm
4.8 x 20 x 12.5 mm
12.8 x 50 x 12.8 mm

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Solid Sample Holder for Absorbance and Transmittance

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