Multi-Angle Probe Holder

  • An essential tool for angled reflectance measurements;
  • Seventeen angles available: 20 to 90 degrees (5 degrees steps);
  • Allows diffuse and specular reflectance measurements;
  • Measurements can be performed using one or two probes;

Meet the Multi-Angle Probe Holder!

The multi-angle probe holder is a robust tool made of black anodized aluminum for conducting angled reflectance measurements with our standard reflection probes with 6.35 diameter tips. With a wide range of angles from 20 to 90 degrees (with a 5 degree step), reflectance measurements can be easily made using one (a probe that irradiates and collects light using the same tip) or two probes (one probe is used for irradiation and the other is used for collection).

What makes it different?

The multi-angle probe holder includes a number of important features to improve significantly the quality of your measurements. All angles in this tool have a position fixer to ensure that the probe tip, which also includes an adjustable backstop, is always inserted in the same position and distance from the sample when you change between angles. The stand of the multi-angle probe holder includes the new slide system.

Enhance the precision of your Multi-Angle Probe Holder with the

Slide System

The slide system is a remarkable tool designed to provide a fast and simple way of changing between different samples without the need to touch or move the probe holder (this system is important to ensure a fixed distance during reflectance measurements). To increase the flexibility of the slide system, Sarspec has developed a wide range of slide supports that can also be used in connection with the slide system of our Integrating Sphere and Standard Probe Holder. The slide supports can be used for powders, fabrics, films/solids, and solutions. Sarspec has also slide supports with built-in references (for diffuse and specular measurements) and for microscope slides (25 mm x 75 mm).

Technical Information

Support Material
Probe Diameter
Probe Holder Dimensions
Slides Holder Dimensions
Slides Dimensions
Available Slides
Black Anodized Aluminum
From 20 to 90 with 5 degrees steps
6.35 mm
100 x 50 x 40 mm
160 x 80 x 12.5 mm
100 x 35 x 7.5 mm
Diffuse and Specular Standards, Powders, Microscope Slides, and Films/Solids

Ordering Information

Multi-Angle Probe Holder (includes Slide Base, Holder and Positioning Ring)
Slide Reflectance Sample Holder for MA-PH
Positioning Ring for Multi-Angle Probe Holder
Slide Sample Holder for Solids/Films
Slide Sample Holder for Powders
Slide Sample Holder for Microscope Slides
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 98% Reflection
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 50% Reflection
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 10% Reflection
Slide Specular Reflectance Standard
Multi-Angle Probe Holder Slide Kit. Includes the MA-PH, SLD-MA-SH, SLD-SF, SLD-PW, SLD-MS, SLD-DRSTD98 and SLD-SPSTD

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