Standard Cuvette Holder

  • Perfect for 10 mm pathlength cuvettes;
  • Small, reliable and flexible;
  • Optional rack for four additional cuvettes;
  • Cover included for photosensitive samples;

The standard cuvette holder was especially designed for accommodating 10 mm pathlength cuvettes. It is capable of delivering reliable and accurate absorbance and transmittance measurements over the entire UV-Vis-NIR range. This cuvette holder was designed to provide all the flexibility to your set-up. Furthermore, the standard cuvette holder provides an easy way of changing between absorbance and fluorescence configurations. Just move the position of one collecting lens to the port positioned at 90 degrees with the excitation port.

The SMA 905 connector on both 6 mm collimating lenses simplifies the coupling with optical fibers while the cover prevents the ambient light from affecting the measurements and reduces stray light. Moreover, to improve productivity, the standard cuvette holder includes a rack that holds up to four 10 mm pathlength cuvettes.

Set-Up Example

Absorbance and Transmittance with the Standard Cuvette Holder


FLEX Plus Spectrometer


Standard Cuvette Holder


Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen Light Source (LS-DW)

Technical Information

Wavelength Range
Z Dimension
Fiber Connection
Collimating Lens
Number of Positions
190-2500 nm
15 mm
SMA 905 with Adjustable Focus
10 mm
6 mm Diameter and 10 mm Focal Lenght
3 (0, 90, and 180 degrees)
85 x 100 x 45 mm

Ordering Information

Standard Cuvette Holder (includes two small collimating lenses)
Flurescence Sensitivity Enhancing Mirror (200-1100nm) for SCH
Small Collimating Lens (6 mm; f/10 mm)

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