Absorbance FLEX Pack Probe


The Absorption FLEX Pack Probe is a flexible bundle with all the necessary optical components to perform absorbance and transmittance measurements of solutions that are unable to be placed into a cuvette or a flow cell. This bundle can be configured for three operational wavelength ranges: UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, and UV-Vis-NIR. All of these configurations provide an optical resolution better than 1.6 nm (FWHM) within the operational range selected and a fast sample screening with a minimum integration time of 2 ms. To attain maximum light efficiency, both narrow-range UV-Vis and

extended-range UV-Vis-NIR configurations include a high-stability and high-power UV-Vis-NIR deuterium and tungsten-halogen light source (LS-DWHP) while the narrow-range Vis-NIR configuration includes a high-power tungsten-halogen light source (LS-W20). The spectrometer included in this bundle is the FLEX STD, which can be user-configured for the wavelength range with blazed holographic gratings that have a strong stray light rejection. This Absorption FLEX Pack Probe bundle is completed with a user-configured transmittance immersion probe.

Typical Configuration for Absorbance Measurements with Cuvette

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