Evaluating the transmittance spectrum and CIELAB color coordinates of red cabbage extract at different pH values

Combining the advantages of using a Transmittance Probe inside a reaction vessel where the pH was progressively changed resulting in different colors of the solution. For light emission we used a LS-W20 Light Source and a FLEX Spectrometer with the powerful Lighscan software.

Measuring the NIR absorption spectra of Holmium and Didymium Glass Filters with the ProNIR Spectrometer

In this application note, we study the absorbance in a wide range configuration combining two spectrometers (a FLEX Vis/NIR for and a ProNIR 3)  with the LS-W20 light source working from 300 to 2500 nm. To test this configuration were used both holmium and didymium glass filters.

Investigating the absorption and fluorescence pH dependence of Fluorescein, with a a flow cell

In this application note, we study the absorbance and fluorescence pH dependence of a fluorescein aqueous solution, using flow cells. The remaining components used were the LS-LED for fluorescence excitation, the LS-W20 for illumination in the absorbance setup and detection with FLEX RES+ spectrometer for both cases.  

Obtaining the blue, green and red colorants in peanut chocolate candies using UV-Vis absorption and reflectance spectroscopy

In this application note, we combine a high-power deuterium tungsten-halogen light source (LS-DWHP) with a FLEX spectrometer in a UV-Vis-NIR absorbance and reflectance configuration (this requires the use of a reflectance probe) to obtain the absorbance and reflectance spectra of the blue, green, and red dyes present in peanut chocolate candies.