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Every day we have new challenges!

We have customers who want to improve processes, greater productivity in their factories, and control contaminants, raw materials, or finished products. Others want to protect the environment and we even have some customers who want to cure cancer. Our job is to assist them, share their struggle and propose the best spectroscopic solution to solve their problems.

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A company is the people who work there and we have no doubt about that. That’s why we hire the best people (special people!) we have encountered on our journey and, for that reason, we have a motivated, competent, and multidisciplinary team.

To provide industry-leading spectroscopic products, our team has skills in optical, mechanical, and electronic design, as well as, software development and new applications. We have strong knowledge in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, among other sciences, so we can take a serious and objective approach to our customer’s challenges.

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