QPOD 2e Cuvette Holder


  • Peltier Temperature Control
  • Built for 10 mm Pathlength Cuvettes
  • USB or Wireless Bluetooth Control
  • Magnetic stirring
  • Fiber Optic Couple with SMA Connectors
  • Dry Gas Purge

    The Q-Pod is a Peltier-controlled cuvette holder that delivers accurate temperature control, variable speed magnetic stirring, optical slits, and high-quality fused silica collimating lenses with SMA fiber optic connectors. The temperature of Q-Pod can be set anywhere between -30 °C and 110 °C with an accuracy of 0.05 °C while the operation is controlled via Bluetooth wireless or USB using the computer program Q‐Blue. A dry gas purge may be used to avoid condensation when working at low temperatures. Accessories such as polarizers and filter holders may be inserted in the light paths. Spherical mirrors may be used to enhance excitation and emission signals.

    All optics provide focusing and position adjustments for maximizing signal throughput. The Q-Pod is available in three different optical configurations. The CUV-QPod-ABSKIT provides collimating optics to pass light straight through for absorbance and transmittance measurements. The CUV-QPod-FLKIT provides imaging lens systems for excitation and detection of fluorescence emission at a right angle. The CUV-QPod-MPKIT is a multipurpose kit with a combination of optics that may be used for either absorbance or fluorescence measurements.

     Technical Data


    Temperature Range
    -30ºC to 110ºC
    Temperature Precision
    Temperature Accuracy
    Probes Accepted
    Standard 400 and 500 series thermistor
    Standard cuvette size
    12.5 mm x 12.5 O.D.
    Cuvette Z height
    8.5 mm

    Ordering Information

    QPOD 2e cuvette holder base unit
    QPOD 2e absorbance/transmission measurements
    QPOD 2e for fluorescence measurements
    QPOD 2e for either absorbance or fluorescence