Integrating sphere

  • An essential tool for accurate reflectance and color measurements;
  • Perfect for uniform and non-uniform flat surfaces;
  • Allows for diffuse and specular reflectance measurements;
  • Improve the precision and flexibility with the new slide system;

Meet the Integrating Sphere!

The integrating sphere is an important tool for measuring the reflectance properties of solid samples. The radiation that enters the sphere and reaches the solid sample at the measurement port undergoes multiple diffuse reflections on the highly reflective walls of the sphere leading to a homogeneous light signal that goes into the collection port.

How does it work?

The reflectance and, therefore, color properties of the solid sample relative to a known standard, is calculated by measuring the light reflection of both and taking their ratio. Sarspec’s integrating sphere is available with an active diameter of 50 mm and two 6 mm collecting lenses with SMA connectors, one at 8 degrees from normal (from the measurement port) for direct irradiation and the other at 90 degrees for collecting the diffuse reflection signal.

Why is the Integrating Sphere valuable?

The measurement port has a 10 mm diameter. These connectors are coupled to an external light source and detector through the SMA optical fibers. Our integrating sphere features an additional position for a third 6 mm collecting lens with an SMA connector for collecting the specular reflection signal. The walls of our integration sphere are made from a highly reflective diffuse PTFE, which provides more than 98% reflectance over a wide wavelength range, from 250 to 2500 nm. Do keep in mind that the precision of the integrating sphere can be significantly improved by combining it with Sarspec’s new slide system.

Enhance the precision of your Integrating Sphere with the

Slide System

The slide system is a remarkable tool designed to provide a fast and simple way of changing between different samples without the need to touch or move the integrating sphere (this system is important to ensure a fixed distance during reflectance measurements). To increase the flexibility of the slide system, Sarspec has developed a wide range of slide supports that can also be used in connection with the slide system of our Standard and Multi-Angle Probe Holder.

The slide supports can be used for powders, fabrics, films/solids, and solutions. Sarspec has also slide supports with built-in references (for diffuse and specular measurements) and for microscope slides (25 mm x 75 mm).

Set-Up Example

Reflectance Set-Up with the Integrating Sphere and Slide System


Tungsten-Halogen Light Source (LS-W)


Integrating Sphere


FLEX Spectrometer

Technical Information

Support Material
Internal Diameter
Sample Port Diameter
Port Connections
Reflective Material
Available Slides
Black Anodized Aluminum
50 mm
10 mm
SMA 905
PTFE 98%
Diffuse and Specular Standards, Powders, Microscope Slides, and Films/Solids
60 x 60 x 55 mm

Ordering Information

Integrating Sphere (50 mm diameter)
Slide Reflectance Sample Holder for IS
Slide Sample Holder for Solids/Films
Slide Sample Holder for Powders
Slide Sample Holder for Microscope Slides
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 98% Reflection
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 50% Reflection
Slide Diffuse Reflectance Standard 10% Reflection
Slide Specular Reflectance Standard
Integrating Sphere Slide Kit. Includes the IS, SLD-IS-SH, SLD-SF, SLD-PW, SLD-MS, SLD-DRSTD98, and SLD-SPRSTD

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