Variable Pathlength

  • Perfect for non-standard rectangular and cylindrical cuvettes;
  • For cuvettes with pathlengths ranging from 8 to 100 mm;
  • Accurate absorbance and transmittance measurements;
  • Operational range from 185 to 2500 nm;

The variable pathlength cuvette holder is the perfect accessory for those who need to perform absorbance and transmittance measurements using standard and non-standard cuvettes. The setscrews included in each optical post can be used to easily adjust the pathlength between the two 6 mm collimating lens (with an adjustable SMA connector) in order to accommodate cuvettes with pathlengths up to 100 mm wide.

The variable pathlength cuvette holder is a flexible accessory because it can be set for absorbance and transmittance measurements of solids, liquids and gases using standard (10 mm) and non-standard (from 10 to 100 mm) rectangular (exterior width of 12.5 mm) and cylindrical (exterior width of 22 mm) cuvettes, filters (when combined with our 10 mm solid sample holder), and lenses.

Technical Information

Support Material
Cuvette Type
Collimating Lenses
Holder Dimensions
Black Anodized Aluminum
From 8 to 100 mm
Rectangular (Width: 12.5 mm) or Cylindrical (Diameter: 22 mm)
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
15 mm
Two CL1 Lenses (with Adjustable Focus)
125 x 65 x 80 mm
400 g

Ordering Information

Variable Pathlength Cuvette Holder (includes two CL1 Lenses)

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