Turnkey Solutions

Modular spectroscopic instruments have a number of advantages, namely the amount of light sources and spectrometers combinations and the capability of using different spectroscopic techniques with a unique setup. However, when modularity is not a need, an increased sensitivity and performance spectroscopic instrument might be the best solution. In order to fulfill the demands of those who do not require modular and compact systems, Sarspec offers a number of fully complete and ready to operate solutions that can be simply added to any workplace.


A simple, easy and very efficient system for a uniform and powerful illumination. The ideal solution for polymerization reactions. 


A compact and reliable spectrometer with no moving parts that ensure a high sensitivity and a great performance over a wide range of wavelengths. A great solution for most demanding absorption and transmission measurements.


A simple and portable spectrometer that allows the measurement of multiple spectroscopic techniques from deep UV to near-IR. The perfect solution for spectroscopic educational purposes.