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Spectrometer Configurator

In this section you can configure each of our series of spectrometers for a more specific application. In each of these four configuration steps you will find helpful information that links to a more detailed description of the optical components that you are selecting. 

Just follow the configuration steps and set the perfect spectrometer for your application!


For more information about our spectrometers, please check the following pages:

Spectrometer Product Page: get a detailed overview of the series of spectrometers offered by Sarspec.

How our Spectrometers Work?: find more information about the detection technology and the different optical components of our spectrometers


For more information about Slits, please check the following page:

- Slits page in All About Spectrometers Section

3. Wavelength Range Selection:

For more information about Diffraction Gratings, please check the following page:

- Gratings Page in All About Spectrometers Section

In this section you can consult the following relevant information:

- Collecting Lens page in ALL ABOUT SPECTROMETERS section