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A FAbulouS way of performing

UV-Vis Spectroscopy!


  • Compact: similar footprint to an A4 sheet
  • Fast: full spectra acquisition from milliseconds to a few seconds
  • Flexible: accessorize with Reflectance and Transmittance Probes, Flow Cells and more
  • Great Performance for optical resolution, accuracy and linearity, and low stray light
  • Compliant with EU and US Pharmacopoeias Requirements

FAbS is our first ready-to-use and fully automated spectrophotometer for UV-Vis-NIR. It combines high-performance and modular light sources with our outstanding CCD-array detector based spectrometers in a compact design, with a similar size to an A4 paper.

Created to be an essential instrument in both analytical, clinical and research laboratories. FAbS meets the excellence of spectroscopy and fulfill the requirements of most demanding research, educational or quality control applications. With FAbS spectrophotometer, users can measure accurate full spectrum scans in three wavelength ranges (UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, and UV-Vis-NIR), in just a few seconds!

It complies the most demanding international regulations, such as the EU and US Pharmacopoeias. Flexibility is ensured by the full range of Sarspec accessories (Fiber Optic Probes, Flow Cells, Sample Holders, etc.), just tailor your perfect solution!

FAbS spectrophotometer includes the new LightScan 2.0, which integrates and controls the device and accessories in the simplest way as possible. It enables different acquisition modules such as Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance, Kinetics, and Colour.

Great Things Come In Small Packages!

With a footprint comparable to a A4 sheet, FAbS Spectrophotometer is the ideal solution to fit in modern and busy labs where every centimetre matters.

Fast Scanning Equals High Productivity

Tired of waiting minutes for results? Full spectra are acquired in fast scanning speed, starting at the milliseconds. You can control the acquisition speed and despite your selection, one thing is for sure: it won’t take more than a few seconds!

Absorbance and Reflectance Directly in, or From, the Sample Container

Sarspec offers multiple accessories to maximize the flexibility of your FAbS Spectrophotometer. Connect a Reflectance Probe and measure the reflectance of solid samples. Use a Transmittance Probe or a Flow Cell to measure the Absorbance/Transmittance of liquids directly in the sample container.

Compliant with EU and US Pharmacopoeias

The architecture of FAbS Spectrophotometer leads to an elevated performance in terms of optical resolution, linearity, stray light, and accuracy. 

Your Best Partner in UV/Vis Spectroscopy

The new LightScan 2.0 software is the perfect platform to control your FAbS Spectrophotometer and connect it to all the accessories. It enables different working modules, such as Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance, Quantification and Kinetics, and the module Color to determine and compare color coordinates of your samples.



FAbS Spectrophotometer is available in three configurations depending on the wavelength range. Please find below the general specifications.

Wavelength Range
Resolution (toluene in n-hexane)
Wavelength Accuracy (with holmium oxide filter)
185 – 1100 nm
1 nm
± 0.5 nm

More Information

Wavelength Repeatability (with holmium oxide filter) < 0.1 nm
Photometric Accuracy (with potassium dichromate) ± 0.005 A (≤ 1 A)
Photometric Accuracy (with nicotinic acid) ± 0.005 A (≤ 1 A)
Photometric Repeatability (with potassium dichromate) ± 0.003 A (≤ 1 A)
Photometric Repeatability (with nicotinic acid ) ± 0.003 A (≤ 1 A)
Stray Light at 198 nm (with KCl) > 2.0 A (less than 1.0 % T)
Stray Light at 250 nm (with KI) > 3.1 A (less than 0.07 % T)
Stray Light at 340 nm (with NaNO2) > 3.2 A (less than 0.06 % T)
Noise < 0.002 A
Interface Mini USB
Triggers In / Out
Weight ~6 Kg
Power Requirements 24 VDC / 3 ADC

Typical Applications

The FAbS spectrophotometer is a compact, robust, and high-performance solution for UV/Vis Spectroscopy. It is available in three versions (UV/Vis, UV/Vis/NIR, and Vis/NIR detection) for maximum performance. Designed to be an essential instrument in both analytical, clinical and research laboratories, FAbS meets the excellence of spectroscopy using cuvettes or coupled through optical fibers to flow cells and probes for absorbance measurements or for reflectance using a reflection probe and probe holders.

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FAbS UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer
FAbS UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
FAbS Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

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