LightScan & LightScan+


  • Really simple to use
  • Full control of the spectrometer in the Spectum tab
  • Intuitive graphic functions with single and multi peak finding
  • Modules for Absorbance, Reflectance, Transmittance and Fluorescence with external calibration
  • Kinetics module for single or multiwavelength acquisition in any measurement type vs. time
  • Reports for analisys and calibration 
  • Files saved as text (.csv) for easy importing
  • Burst mode module for high speed acquisition (LightScan+ only)

LightScan software was developed by Sarspec to be simple to work with, but at the same time to be efficient and powerfull. Within a few minutes users can get results without complex settings. The LightScan software is divided in: Spectrum tab and Application Modules for Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance and Fluorescence. Each one of these modules has one Calibration Module. The Kinetics module is specific for time measurements where it’s possible to select any of the measurements above.

LightScan+ software includes all the available features in LightScan and some more specific to allow high speed data acquisition for the spectrometers FLEX+ range.

LightScan+ provides access to parameters such as exposure time, line time, electronic shutter and Low Noise mode (MPP) that allows optimization of time and sensitivity settings for optimum results in ultra fast measurements. Also available is the trigger control for synchronization with external devices and short time events. 

Full control in the Spectrum Tab

Once the spectrometer is connected the Spectrum Tab is available for setting the operation parameters. On this main window it’s possible to fully control the spectrometer by setting Integration Time, Gain, Smoothing, Average and Trigger functions for synchronization with external devices. The spectrum tab offers also the possibility of raw spectra acquisition with a single click and real time comparison with stored spectra from previous analysis. 

Work only with the necessary information in each Application Module

The application modules were built to perform specific analysis based on conditions and the data acquired on the Spectrum Tab. For the Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance and Fluorescence modules LightScan offers a simple and intuitive interface where direct results can be obtained, without any initial setup or calibration. There are two additional modes when working with Analysis, the calibrated mode where a previous calibration is used for quantitative analysis and the uncalibrated mode where the result is obtained for a specific wavelength without any previous calibration. 

Perform time measurements with Kinetics mode

The Kinetics module allows to acquire the intensity at one or more wavelengths simultaneously in a period of time defined by user. The Kinetics module offers one of the best advantages of the CCD technology alllowing full spectra, single or multi wavelength to be measured against time. This module is quite useful when following chemical reactions with quantification of reagents and products using Absorbance results.

Powerfull quantitative analysis tool

On all available modules is available one powerfull calibration tool where it’s possible to perform a calibration procedure though the measurement of standards for single or multiwavelength. The calibration tool also allows the creation of automatic reports where is gathered all the information in the corresponding file.

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Lightscan software for full control of FLEX, SENSE and X-RES spectrometers series
Lightscan+ software for full control of FLEX+ spectrometers series