The study of solid and liquid samples optical properties requires the use of a spectrometer, which is a scientific instrument that measures the different forms of interaction (absorption, transmission, reflections and emission) between radiation in the optical region of the electromagnetic spectrum and the sample under study. To achieve these measurements with high accuracy and great reliability, Sarspec offers a wide range of compact, versatile and high-quality optical spectrometers for general-purpose, high-sensitivity and high-resolution applications ranging from the deep ultraviolet to the near-infrared infrared spectral region.

General Purpose

Compact and versatile instruments with a great sensitivity and low stray light percentage across the entire UV-Visible-NIR spectral regions. The perfect solution for most general applications that have the need for absorption, transmittance, reflectance or irradiance measurements.


FLEX is a modular and robust instrument, where the small form factor is combined with low stray light percentage and high sensitivity to offer the best flexibility. It features interchangeable slits, LED power indicator and standard SMA 905 fiber connector and is available in preconfigured or custom versions.

Best for Sensitivity

Series of instruments capable of delivering the best sensitivity and the highest dynamic range. The ideal solution for most demanding applications, where low light-level measurements and high performance are required.

Flex +

Ideally suited for high-sensitive applications, FLEX Plus features a high quantum efficiency detector with a high signal-to-noise ratio and an excellent signal processing speed, which makes this instrument the ideal solution for fluorescence measurements.


Ultimate sensitivity is accomplished with Sense spectrometers, where a thermoelectrically cooled detector that features improved low noise and low dark signal and provides this instrument with low light-level detection and long integration times capability. The perfect solution for low emissive fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements.