An extreme resolution

spectrometer that is capable

of resolving extremely close

spectral features


X-RES is the perfect spectrometer for those who demand an extreme-resolution performance for resolving that is capable of resolving close-aligned spectral features as precise as 0.05 nm (FWHM). Assembled in a robust and compact optical bench with a focal distance of 100 mm, X-RES is capable of delivering a great performance and sensitivity with a large peak symmetry over the operational wavelength range, which makes these series of spectrometers the perfect solution for high-resolution applications.

Features such as user-interchangeable slits and optical filters, power status indicator, and triggering functions allows for a perfect integration of this spectrometer in your setup. X-RES is available in a ready-to-use (for more common applications) and user-customized (for more specific applications) configuration for narrow UV-Vis and Vis-NIR range and extended UV-Vis-NIR range.

The ideal solution for high-resolution applications

X-RES combine an improved optical design with a focal distance of 100 mm with the best available optics to provide great capability of resolving spectral features as precise as 0.05 nm across the full UV-Vis-NIR range.

Control the sensitivity and resolution of your spectrometer

With the X-RES, you can take advantage of interchangeable slits and optical filters. User-interchangeable slits offer an easy and simple way of setting the ideal optical resolution/sensitivity while interchangeable optical filters provide the user with the ability to narrow the operational wavelength range of the spectrometer. Add a Slit Kit to your order and get all the flexibility you need.

Easy to integrate in your setup

As a fiber optic spectrometer, X-RES is ready to couple to a wide range of setups without the need for complex optical alignments. This flexibility is complemented with a number of integration tools that include triggers (trigger in/out and delays) and software packages for LabVIEW or DLL, for software development. X-RES and all spectroscopic components of your setup can be centralized for full control with our new SPEC Hub solution.

Configure your spectrometer

Customization of several optical components provides you with the flexibility to configure X-RES for more specific applications. In addition to user-interchangeable slits and optical filters, the possibility of selecting the diffraction grating, adding a collecting lens, or choosing the detector version helps you to define the operational spectral range, sensitivity, and optical resolution of your X-RES.


Setup Examples

Absorbance with Standard Cuvette Holder


Standard Cuvette Holder



Deuterium Tungsten High Power Light Source



X-RES Spectrometer


Optical Fiber Patch Cord


Optical Fiber Patch Cord

Pre-Configured Spectrometers


X-RES is available in a preconfigured version for 8 narrow wavelength ranges and high resolution in the UV-Vis-NIR. The general specifications for the preconfigured X-RES are given in the table below. Detailed information about wavelength range and optical resolution for each specific configuration can be found in the Ordering Info section.

Operational Range
185-1100 nm (divided in 8 operational ranges)
Slit Size
10 µm (interchangeable)
According to the selected range
Collecting Lens
Optional - Included in the Improved Sensitivity versions
3648-element Toshiba
Optical Resolution
0.05 to 0.07 nm
Fiber Connector
SMA 905
Integration Time
3 ms - 214 seconds
In / Out
LightScan (Included)

User Configured Spectrometers

The X-RES offers maximum flexibility with a build-your-own configuration. By selecting each component of the optical bench, which includes the entrance slit, optical filter, diffraction grating, and collecting lens, you can optimize your X-RES for parameters such as operational spectral range, optical resolution, and sensitivity and ideally meet your application demands.

Check our knowledge database or contact the Sarspec Engineers for getting more information about the X-RES user-customizable configuration.

Sarspec has a new tool that allows each user to configure the desired configuration, go to our spectrometer configurator page and get your user-configured spectrometer in minutes.

Typical Applications

X-RES is a spectrometer with a remarkable resolution performance that is capable to meet all the requirements for your high-resolution applications. The user-interchangeable slits and optical filters features allows you to set X-RES for more sensitivemeasurements. This flexibility combined with an improved sensitivity makes this system the perfect solution for those high-resolution applications such as wavelength characterization of lasers and LEDs, monitoring the spectral emission lines from calibration sources, or determining elemental atomic emission lines. Find out more about the flexibility of our measurements setup using the X-RES in our Application Notes database.

Ordering Information

Spectrometer X-RES 1
Spectrometer X-RES 2
Spectrometer X-RES 3
Spectrometer X-RES 4
Spectrometer X-RES 5
Spectrometer X-RES 6
Spectrometer X-RES 7
Spectrometer X-RES 8
Wavelength Range
190-290 nm
280-380 nm
370-460 nm
440-520 nm
500-620 nm
600-710 nm
690-810 nm
780-960 nm
Base Version
Improved Sensitivity

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