Deuterium Tungsten-Halogen

Light Source

  • Great Stability
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectral Range
  • Lamp and Shutter Selector
  • Optical Fiber Connector
  • Remote Control with SPEC Hub

DW is a compact light source that combines the continuous spectrum of deuterium and tungsten lamps into a single optical fiber SMA connector. The combined spectrum produces a stable output and delivers the ideal light intensity for most absorbance and transmittance measurements ranging from 185 to 1100 nm. 

The local shutter incorporated on the DW light source simplifies the operation for dark measurements without the need to turn off the light source, while the lamp controller makes it easy to select between an individual or combined deuterium and tungsten lamp operation.

Select only the lamp you need

DW light source has an integrated lamp selector that allows you to choose between a single and combined deuterium and tungsten lamp operation, according to your spectral region of interest.

Shutter control for maximum performance

The built-in shutter controller included on the DW light source enables a simple operation for dark measurements or reducing the exposure of samples to UV light without the need for shutting off the light source, resulting in a more stable and extended lamps lifetime.

Control your light source remotely

The DW light source can be remotely controlled by using our SPEC Hub. Creating event tables for turning on/off the light source, selecting individual or combined lamp illumination, and enabling/disabling the shutter has never been so easy!

Setup Examples

Absorbance with Standard Cuvette Holder


Standard Cuvette Holder



Patch Cord


Patch Cord


FLEX Spectrometer


Deuterium Tungsten Light Source


Technical Information


Wavelength Range
Deuterium Lamp Lifetime
Tungsten Lamp Lifetime
Local Operation
Optical Fiber Connector
Warm-up Time
185-1100 nm
1000 h
2000 h
Power, Shutter and Lamp Selector
SMA 905
Approx. 15 min

More Information

Remote Operation Requires SPEC Hub and Remote Cable
Power Consumption (max.) 6 W
Power Requirements 12 VDC / 0.6 ADC
Dimensions 200 (L) x 65 (W) x 65 (H) mm
Weight 800 g

Typical Applications

DW is a high stability UV-Vis-NIR light source that meets the demands for absorbance and transmittance measurements of non-opaque liquid and solid samples. With the advantage of modularity, DW offers great stability and large flexibility for educational, scientific, and industrial spectroscopic measurements. Find out more about our measurements set-up that use DW light source in our Applications Notes Database.

Ordering Information

DW Light Source (power supply included)
Lamp Unit Replacement (185-1100 nm)
SPEC Hub for LS-DW Remote Control (cable included)

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