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Solid Sample Holder


  • Flexible Solution
  • Compatible with 10 mm Cuvette Holders
  • Reliable and Accurate Results
  • Perfect for Absorbance and Transmittance Measurements

    Our solid sample holder is the ideal support for simplifying your solid cuvette-based measurements. Being built as a 10 mm cuvette-shaped piece, the solid sample holder is a flexible solution that can be perfectly combined with all three cuvette supports provided by Sarspec or any standard 10 mm cuvette holder on any spectrometer of your laboratory.

    The pass light through configuration with an adjustable solid retainer for accommodating samples up to 4 mm of thickness allows for reliable and accurate results and makes this accessory the perfect solution for solid sample absorbance and transmittance measurements.

    Technical Information


    Solid Sample Holder Dimensions
    12,8 (L) x 50,0 (H) x 12,8 (W) mm
    Sample Dimensions
    4,8 (T) x 20,0 (H) x 12,5 (W) mm

    Ordering Information

    Solid Sample Holder for Transmission/Absorbance