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Collimating Lenses


  • Used to Focus or Collimate a Light Beam
  • Available in Two Diameters: 6 mm and 12.7 mm
  • Standard UNS 1/4”-36 for SM connection
  • Adjustable SMA Connector
    Achieving uniform illumination of a sample using optical fibers requires the use of collimating lenses, curved optical lenses that convert a divergent beam into a parallel beam. For this to occur, the light-emitting source must be placed at the focus of the lens. On the other hand, if the light collected is already collimated, the lens will work as a focusing lens. 

    Collimating lenses offered by Sarspec are optimized for the UV-Vis-NIR range and allow users to adjust the field of view, control spatial resolution, and illumination and collection efficiency.Available in a smaller 6-mm and larger 12.7-mm diameter, our collecting lenses have a two-part anodized aluminum housing with an inner barrel threaded for SMA-905 connectors that helps you to adjust the focal point.

    Technical Information


    Lenses Diameter
    Lenses Confocal Length
    Lenses Material
    Wavelength Range
    Housing Material
    Fiber Connection
    Small Collimating Lenses
    6 mm
    10 mm
    UV Graded Fused Silica
    190-2500 nm
    Black Anodized Aluminum
    SMA 905
    Large Collimating Lenses
    12.7 mm
    25 mm
    UV Graded Fused Silica
    190-2500 nm
    Black Anodized Aluminum
    SMA 905

    Ordering Information

    Small Collimating Lens (6 mm; f/10 mm)
    Large Collimating Lens (12.7 mm; f/25 mm)