Accessories are essential tools to simplify measurements and increase the versatility of any modular spectroscopic setup. A wide selection of accessories enables more accurate results and a great number of configurations for upcoming measurements. To create the ideal setup for your spectroscopic measurements, Sarspec offers several high-quality accessories such as cuvette and solid holders, collimating lens, flow cells, and reflectance standards.

Flow Cells



Cells for measuring the absorbance and fluorescence of fluids moving through a flow injection system.

In-Line Filter Holder


A useful solution for filtering or attenuating the illumination and excitation light that is introduced between two optical fibers.


Reflectance Standards

Specular and diffuse reflectance standards for measurement of sample surfaces over a wide range of wavelengths.

Collimating Lens

Optical elements are used to adjust the illumination and collection efficiency that can be easily coupled to optical fibers through SMA connectors.

Solid Sample Holder

The perfect solution for measuring the absorption and transmission of solid samples such as optical filters, glass samples, and powder pellets using a cuvette holder.

Cuvette Holders

For getting flexible, accurate, and reliable absorbance and fluorescence measurements using transparent solutions, Sarspec offers three types of cuvette holders with each being designed for a specific measurement configuration.



The ideal cuvette holder for measuring absorbance and high-emissive fluorescence of cuvette-based liquid solutions. It includes two 6 mm collimating lenses with SMA fiber optic connectors and adjustable focus to regulate the light intensity throughput.



The perfect cuvette holder for low-light level fluorescence measurements of liquid solutions. It includes two 12.7 mm collimating lenses with SMA fiber optic connectors and adjustable focus to regulate the light intensity throughput and offers the possibility of adding aluminum mirrors to enhance the excitation and collection signal.



A Peltier-controlled cuvette holder with magnetic stirring for temperature-controlled absorbance and fluorescence measurements. The fused silica lens system with SMA connectors provides flexibility while the holder temperature is controlled via Bluetooth wireless or USB cable. Q-Pod allows the temperature to be set between -35°C and +110°C with an accuracy of 0.05°C.