Multipurpose Cuvette Holder

Our multipurpose cuvette holder is a versatile cuvette holder that provides accurate and highly sensitive absorbance, transmittance and fluorescence measurements. The 12.7-mm diameter lens with an adjustable SMA-905 connector allows for a larger illumination and collection area and can be set into four different positions on the cuvette holder, which provides a great flexibility and simplicity for changing from an absorbance to fluorescence measurements.

Each lens features a slot for accommodating optical filters while in the holder. The combination between larger collecting lenses and enhancing mirrors makes the multipurpose cuvette holder the perfect solution for low-light level measurements such as fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements.

Technical Data



Wavelength Range

Z Dimension

Fiber Connection

Collimating Lens

Number of positions

Filter Size




190-2500 nm

15 mm

SMA 905 with adjustable focus

12.7 mm; f/25 mm; UV graded Fused Silica

4 (0º, 90º,180º and 270º)

12.7 mm diameter and 3 mm thickness

100 (L) x 100 (W) x 62 (H) mm (with cover)

Ordering Information


Multipurpose Cuvette Holder (includes two 12.7 mm collimating lenses)

Large Collimating Lens (12.7 mm; f/25 mm)

Enhancing Mirrors (includes a set of two mirrors)






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