Optical Filters for Spectrometers

Currently, every series of Sarspec’s spectrometers offer every user the possibility of adding filters at the entrance of the spectrometer, after the slit. The slit works simultaneously as a filter holder, but while the slit is permanently attached to the holder, it is possible to use multiple filters with one holder as it is held through a threaded and detachable part. This offers great flexibility to all spectrometers and can mean a significant added value for specific applications.

This way, with an easy manual operation, you have the possibility of selecting a specific wavelength, band or range, blocking undesired wavelengths, band or range, or performing signal attenuation, among others. With a wide range of filters available on the market, the possibilities are endless. To match the holder dimensions, the filters must have a maximum of 6.35 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness.