All about Spectrometers

The optical components such as the entrance slit, diffraction grating, or detector can have a strong influence on the sensitivity, optical and digital resolution, and stray light of the spectrometer. In this section, we provide you with some useful information about the optical components and how to get the best performance and sensitivity for your spectrometer.

How our Spectrometers work?

Our spectrometers are small and compact devices capable of high-performance and sensitive spectroscopic measurements. Here you can learn about how our spectrometer works and which optical components comprise them.

Diffraction Grating

Important optical component of a spectrometer that separates incident polychromatic radiation (white light) into monochromatic radiation (light of one color).


Optical component set in the entrance of the spectrometer that regulates the width of the light beam entering the spectrometer.

Optical Filters

Set of optical components for narrowing the spectral range or reduce the light intensity entering the spectrometer.

Collecting Lens

A small lens that is fixed in front of the detector for focusing the entire height of the monochromatic light onto the shorter detector elements.