Compact and reliable light detecting devices that cover a wide array of wavelengths (UV-Vis-NIR), and range from general-purpose to high resolution, low-light-level, and NIR applications.

Light Sources

Compact light-emitting devices with a stable output for the illumination and excitation of samples over a wide range of wavelengths, from 185 to 2500 nm.

Pre-Configured Solutions

Application-ready bundles with all the components required for the most measurements, covering the UV-Vis-NIR wavelength range.


Mechanical and optical components that provide the flexibility to create a large number of set-ups while enabling accurate and reliable measurements.

Optical Fibers

Flexible optical fibers for UV-Vis and Vis-NIR light transmission that allow for a simple connection, without the need for optical alignment, and integration of spectroscopic setups.

FAbS Spectrophotometer

Powerfull spectrophotometer with a compact design and a great performance over the UV-Vis-NIR range. The perfect solution for most industrial and research laboratories.