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It was the beginning of 2014, we had a project underway with Instituto Superior Técnico to develop a spectrometer that would be able to characterize an ignition process. This project triggered our technology, which nowadays is used in several series of spectrometers among the different areas of science such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, among others.

Since then, we have been working hard to deliver innovative, robust, and best-performing products on the market. To do this, we hired the best people, selected the best suppliers and partners, and we were patient, believing that one day we could reach the point where we could master the state of the art in this technology and that we could make a difference in this market.

Until now, we have developed a considerable number of spectroscopic solutions where we include different types of spectrometers, with different sensitivities, resolutions, and applications, light sources with different powers, wavelength ranges and operating principles, and accessories that are always designed for the greatest simplicity and robustness.

We listen our customer’s opinions and our products are continuously improved. The truth is that we are extremely proud of our journey here and of the excellent solutions that we are able to offer. However, as a young and dynamic company, we are looking forward to the future and its challenges.



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Sarspec develops technology for spectroscopy (spectrometers, light sources, accessories, etc.) in  the UV-Vis-NIR ranging from 185 to 2400 nm. We use the advantage of optical fiber to guide light between our products, without the need for complex optical alignments, to offer modular and flexible spectroscopic solutions that can be used in multiple applications.

However, we also have products that are not based on optical fibers because our focus is on customer opinion and what interests us is to present the best solution for each problem.


Our products are developed for a set of spectroscopic applications (Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance, Color, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, and Raman) ranging from 185 to 2400 nm. Owing to its large flexibility and modularity, our products can be used in a laboratory environment, in the field, in a production area, or online as monitoring of processes or quality of products or raw materials in real-time.

We have a group of international partners who collaborate in local sales and support, but we are always open to establishing new partnerships. Contact us if you want to become our partner.

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