Fluorescence is a form of luminescence, and in a short introduction can be mentioned that, at room temperature, most molecules occupy the lowest vibrational levels of the ground electronic state, with absorption of Light they are elevated to an excited state, allowed by the selection rules. When the molecule returns to the vibrational levels of the ground state they emit Light in the form of fluorescence. This re-emission is nearly immediate at another, usually longer, wavelength (Stokes law).

Fluorescent compounds have two characteristic spectra: an excitation spectrum (the wavelength and amount of light absorbed) and an emission spectrum (the wavelength and amount of light emitted) and is chosen for its extraordinary sensitivity, high specificity and simplicity.

Is widely accepted and used in a variety of applications including life sciences, mineralogy, environmental, chemical sensors and biological detectors. 

Fluorescence requires, normally, high sensitivity being the sample the source of light emission. For that reason, Sarspec recommends the SPEC SENSE+ series spectrometers with a 1mm pixel height and quantum efficiency of 78%. The SPEC SENSE+ spectrometers have the largest monolithic pixels on the market and when combined with high emmiting powers light sources such as the Light Source LED, Light Source XeF and Light Source DWHP allows high sensitivity at a fraction of the cost of a traditional spectrofluorimeter.

When looking for a Full Pack solution, Sarspec has available the Fluorescence SPEC Packs where fluorescence can be measured either using flow cells or cuvettes.

For users looking for an affordable solution for fluorescence measurements Sarspec offers the Fluorescence SPEC PACK Basic that includes the SPEC STD FL spectrometer, Light Source LED, Cuvette Holder CH and large core (1000um core diameters) optical fibers. 

It's also possible to perform fluorescence measurements with temperature control and stirring when using the Peltier Cuvette Holder CH-QPOD2E.