LS-MIR is a complete and flexible Light Source for NIR / SWIR / MWIR regions, providing a wavelength range from 500 to 5000 nm and it can be used with techniques such as Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance.

​​• Complete light source for NIR/SWIR/MWIR regions ​• Silicon Nitride emitter
​• Wavelength range from 500 to 5000+ nm ​• 5000 hours emitter lifetime
​• Local Knob for intensity control ​• Easy replacement of the lamp
​• Shutter and filter slot included ​• Remote analog and PWM intensity control
​• Optically isolatedinput for shutter and emitter operation ​• 12.7 mm diameter focusing lens for optimum light coupling
  • LS-MIR

    Light Source for emission between 500 and 5000 nm.