Deuterium Tungsten HPower

LS-DWHP is the most complete high power UV-VIS light source with powerful deuterium and tungsten lamps in shine-through array and a spectral distribution from 190-3000 nm. Its main applications are Transmittance, Absorbance and Reflectance.

​• Complete High Power UV/Vis/NIR Light Source ​• Deuterium (30 W) and Tungsten-Halogen (20 W) lamps
​• Filter slot included for 12,5 mm (1/2’’) diameter filters  ​​• Shutter included
​• Independent operation of Lamps ​• Easy lamps replacement
​• Robust, reliable and flexible ​• SMA 905 connector
• Focusing lens with 12,7 mm diameter for better throughput • Optically isolated remote operation (shutter and lamp selection)



    Complete Deuterium Tungsten-Halogen High Power Light Source.