​• Wavelength range: 200-1050 nm
​• Superior UV sensitivity
​• Optical Resolution:1.7 nm
​• 500 grooves/mm grating blazed at 300 nm
​• Order sorting filters included
​• Flexible and affordable full range spectrometer

The SPEC STD UV/Vis/NIR is a wide range spectrometer configured with a 500 grooves/mm grating blazed at 330 nm for great performance in all range. Includes also a 2048 pixels Sony CCD array detector, 25 µm slit, order sorting filter, mini USB 2.0 for communication and power the spectrometer and SMA 905 for optical fiber connection. 

Built specially for multi-application users, this model is a great solution for educational purposes and research on institutions with multi-users and multi-applications that need a robust instrument for fast sample screening. It’s suitable for a wide range of measurement techniques, including Absorbance, Transmittance, Reflectance, Irradiance, Color Measurement and many more.

As standard, the SPEC STD UV/Vis/NIR has increased UV sensitivity due to the applied coating and as option we can add collecting lens for the Enhanced Sensitivity model.

The spectra below shows multi lines of a Mercury/Argon light source, ranging from UV to NIR (left) and a detailed spectra (right) from the well resolved peaks 576.960 and 579.066nm.

Wavelength range 200-1050 nm
Slit 25 µm
Grating 500 lines @ 300 nm
Resolution 1.7 nm
Detector 2048 pixels CCD array Sony
Pixel width x Height 14 x 200 µm
Optical design Symmetrical Czerny-Turner
Order sorting filters Yes
Focal length 50 mm
Dark noise (RMS) 37
Dynamic range 1771
Signal/Noise 350
Linearity 99.99 %
Integration time 2 ms - 214 s
QE (%) @ peak 40%
Peak wavelength 450 nm
Pixel well depth 90000
A/D converter 16 bits
Interface Mini USB 2.0
Trigger In/Out
Trigger delay In
Fiber connector SMA 905
Weight 660 g
Dimensions 116 (L) x 93 (D) x 55 (H)
Collecting Lens Optional (ES version)


The image below shows the spectra of a Light Source (LS-DW) from Sarspec, obtained with all four configurations from the SPEC STD family.



Product Part number
Enhanced sensitivity option SP-STD-UV-Vis-NIR-ES



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