• Fast acquisition rate up to 2857 spectra per second using burst mode 2 µs integration time with electronic shutter
Back thinned CCD array detector with 2048 pixels Largest sensitive area, using 1000 µm height pixels
Detection from 200-1100 nm  Great sensitivity and quantum efficiency up to 78%
Trigger functions for easy integration and synchronization SMA 905 fiber connector, no optical alignment required
High speed mini USB for full control of the spectrometer Software LightScan+ Included
Fully built in Alluminium with LED backlight indicator


With minimum integration time of 2 µs the SPEC SPEED+ is faster than any other spectrometer available using a CCD array. It was specially built for microseconds events including fast kinetics in chemical reactions, ignition processes and fluorescence monitoring among a large number of applications that need fast analysis.