​• Wavelength range: 200-400 nm
​• Quantum Efficiency of 65% at 300 nm
​• Optical Resolution: 1.8 nm
​• 1800 grooves/mm grating blazed at 250 nm
​• 1 mm pixel height for a large detection area
​• LightScan software included

Front side illuminated CCD’s have residual sensitivity in the UV range due the absorbance by the polysilicon gate. Combining the back thinned 2048 pixels CCD linear array detector from Hamamatsu with Quantum Efficiency of 65% at 300 nm (minimum of 50% within all UV region) with the large detection area offered by these detectors, Sarspec offers an unrivaled spectrometer for UV detection.

Being a spectrometer specially built for UV detection Sarspec was able to use a 1800 grooves/mm grating blazed at 250 nm allowing an optical resolution of 1.8 nm even with a 200 µm slit. This configuration includes also collecting lens to maximise sensitivity and SMA 905 connector.

This model allows light collection from low light emitting sources in Irradiance measurements, UV Chemiluminescence, and with fast acquisition rates making it possible to follow fast events such as Kinetics measurements, in areas such as Chemistry and Biophysics.

The high dinamic range, sensitivity, resolution, speed and easy integration makes it perfect to use as an HPLC Detector when combined with Sarspec’s flow cells and light sources. 

The image below shows the spectra of a Mercury lamp acquired with the SPEC SENSE+ UV. 


Wavelength range 200-400 nm
Slit 200 µm
Grating 1800 lines @ 250 nm
Resolution 1.8 nm
Detector 2048 pixels CCD array back thinned Hamamatsu
Pixel width x Height 14 x 1000 µm
Optical design Symmetrical Czerny-Turner
Order sorting filters -
Longpass filters -
Focal length 50 mm
Dark noise (RMS) 19
Dynamic range 3450
Linearity 99.99 %
Stray light N/A
Integration time 1 ms - 2.8 s
QE (%) @ peak 78%
Peak wavelength 600 nm
Pixel well depth 2000000
A/D converter 16 bits
Interface Mini USB 2.0
Trigger In/Out
Trigger delay Out
Fiber connector SMA 905
Weight 660 g
Dimensions 119 (L) x 90 (D) x 60 (H)
Collecting Lens Included

The image below shows the spectra of a Light Source (LS-DW) from Sarspec, obtained with all four configurations from the SPEC SENSE+ family.



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