​• The best option for High Sensitivity Fluorescence 
​• Wavelength range: 300-1000 nm
​• Quantum Efficiency of 75% at 500 nm
​• 600 grooves/mm grating blazed at 500 nm
​• Order sorting filters, collecting lens included
​• External trigger (IN/OUT) for easy synchronization

The SPEC SENSE+ FL was specially designed for fluorescence measurements granting the best sensitivity for experiments, even in compounds with low quantum yield. The Quantum Efficiency (75% at 500 nm) of the back thinned CCD combined with the large pixel area, 200 µm slit, collecting lens and a 600 grooves/mm grating make these spectrometers the best option within it's wavelength range.

With special focus on Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Chemi and Bioluminescence present in biomolecules such as amino acids, proteins, amines, lipids, porphyrins, steroids, vitamins, etc., the traditional application areas for the SPEC SENSE+ FL are Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Medical research and quality control.

The application below takes us to femtomolar concentration of Eosin, using the SPEC SENSE+ FL, Light Lource LED (LS-LED) with a 495nm LED, multipurpose cuvette holder (MCH) and 1000 µm core diameter optical fibers (2 units). This configuration is available as a pre-configured solution FLUORESCENCE SPEC PACK CUV.


Wavelength range 300-1000 nm
Slit 200 µm
Grating 600 lines @ 500 nm
Resolution 5.4 nm
Detector 2048 pixels CCD array back thinned Hamamatsu
Pixel width x Height 14 x 1000 µm
Optical design Symmetrical Czerny-Turner
Order sorting filters Yes
Longpass filters -
Focal length 50 mm
Dark noise (RMS) 19
Dynamic range 3450
Signal/Noise 509
Linearity 99.99 %
Integration time 1 ms - 2.8 s
QE (%) @ peak 78%
Peak wavelength 600 nm
Pixel well depth 2000000
A/D converter 16 bits
Interface Mini USB 2.0
Trigger In/Out
Trigger delay Out
Fiber connector SMA 905
Weight 650 g
Dimensions 119 (L) x 90 (D) x 60 (H)
Collecting Lens Included

The image below shows the spectra of a Light Source (LS-DW) from Sarspec, obtained with all four configurations from the SPEC SENSE+ family.



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