​• ​Wavelength range: 200-1050 nm
​• Optical Resolution: 0.75 nm
​• 3648 pixels Toshiba CCD array detector
​• 500 grooves/mm grating blazed at 300 nm
​• Portable, Robust and Affordable
​• LightScan software included

Configured with a 3648 pixels Toshiba CCD array, 10 µm slit for the best resolution, collecting lens, order sorting filters and SMA 905 fiber optic connector the SPEC RES+ UV/Vis/NIR is the perfect solution for replacing the traditional spectrophotometers with a technology that is more flexible and allows the user to get full spectra with milisecond time resolution. 

When thinking in time dependent reactions in Chemistry and Biology applications SPEC RES+ UV/Vis/NIR offers the possibility to follow the reaction in real time with full spectra at an affordable cost with a wavelength range from 200 to 1050 nm.

This configuration is also suitable for Transmittance, Reflectance of highly reflective samples and a flexible solution for measuring Irradiance of high intensity light sources.

The spectra below (left) shows multi-lines of a Mercury/Argon light source ranging from UV to NIR, and a well resolved spectrum of the doublet 576.960 and 579.066nm (right). 

Wavelength range 200-1050 nm
Slit 10 µm
Grating 500 lines @ 300 nm
Resolution 0.75 nm
Detector 3648 pixels CCD array Toshiba
Pixel width x Height 8 x 200 µm
Optical design Symmetrical Czerny-Turner
Order sorting filters Included
Focal length 50 mm
Dark noise (RMS) 32
Dynamic range 2048
Signal/Noise 350
Linearity 99.94 %
Integration time 3 ms - 214 s
QE (%) @ peak 40%
Peak wavelength 550 nm
Pixel well depth 120000
A/D converter 16 bits
Interface Mini USB 2.0
Trigger In/Out
Trigger delay In
Fiber connector SMA 905
Weight 650 g
Dimensions 116 (L) x 93 (D) x 55 (H)
Collecting Lens Included


The image below shows the spectra of a Light Source (LS-DW) from Sarspec, obtained with all four configurations from the SPEC RES+ family.


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