LightScan and LightScan+ are spectroscopy softwares dedicated to control and perform data acquisistion from Sarspec’s SPEC Spectrometers range. LightScan applies to SPEC STD, RES+ and SENSE+ models and LightScan+ is specific for the SPEED+ range alowing additional control of the detector electronics with faster acquisition and shorter integration time. With any of these options every user can expect:


 Really simple to use, only a few minutes to get results
 Modular construction: only the necessary information is available in each application module
 Full control of the spectrometer in the Spectum tab (integration time, gain, average, smoothing, trigger)
 Intuitive graphic functions with single and multi peak finding and min/max with threshold value
 Modules for Absorbance, Reflectance, Transmittance and Fluorescence with external calibration 
 Samples measured as calibrated, unclaibrated or free measurements for maximum flexibility
 Kinetics module for single or multiwavelength acquisition in any measurement type vs. time
 One file per spectrum and one file for all spectra saved for complete flexibility
 Reports for analisys and calibration including spectra and results list for samples and standards
 Files saved as text for easy importing to other programs such as Excel™, Origin™, Matlab™, etc.
 Burst mode module for high speed acquisition (LightScan+ only)


    Simple, intuitive and flexible software.


    High speed data acquisition with the SPEC SPEED+.