​• Detection from 180 to 1100 nm ​• High speed mini USB 2.0 for power and control
​• 3648 pixels linear array CCD detector ​• Also available as an OEM instrument
​• Great optical resolution of 0.2 nm in a standard configuration ​• SMA 905 fiber connector, no optical alignment required
​• Triggering functions for easy integration  (trigger in/out and delay) ​• Robust: fully built in alluminium
​• Portable, fast and small size ​• LED Backlight indicator

For users looking for an affordable spectrometer with great resolution Sarspec offers the SPEC RES+ spectrometers range. With the best resolution/wavelength range ratio for a miniature CCD spectrometer the SPEC RES+ is the best option for Absorbance and Transmittance measurements as well for high throughput light source characterization.