LightScan and LightScan+ are spectroscopy softwares dedicated to control and perform data acquisistion from Sarspec’s SPEC Spectrometers range. LightScan applies to SPEC STD, RES+ and SENSE+ models and LightScan+ is specific for the SPEED+ range alowing additional control of the detector electronics with faster acquisition and shorter integration time. With any of these options every user can expect:

​• Really simple to use, only a few minutes to get results
​• Modular construction: only the necessary information is available in each application module
​• Full control of the spectrometer in the Spectum tab (integration time, gain, average, smoothing, trigger)
​• Intuitive graphic functions with single and multi peak finding and min/max with threshold value
​• Modules for Absorbance, Reflectance, Transmittance and Fluorescence with external calibration 
​• Samples measured as calibrated, unclaibrated or free measurements for maximum flexibility
​• Kinetics module for single or multiwavelength acquisition in any measurement type vs. time
​• One file per spectrum and one file for all spectra saved for complete flexibility
​• Reports for analisys and calibration including spectra and results list for samples and standards
​• Files saved as text for easy importing to other programs such as Excel™, Origin™, Matlab™, etc.
​• Burst mode module for high speed acquisition (LightScan+ only)


    Simple, intuitive and flexible software.


    High speed data acquisition with the SPEC SPEED+.