Absorbance, Transmittance and Kinetics
 Optional Fluorescence and External Upgrades
Low Cost    Filter Slot for Slide Filters
Aprox. 1 nm Optical Resolution
• Wavelength Range from 380 to 900nm   
Fast: up to 3ms per full spectrum
Software Lightscan Ensina included
Innovative RSpec -  rotational selection of different techniques                      
USB Powered - Portable when connected to a laptop                                                                             



Sarspec's new ensina is a high performance, smart, robust, flexible, small and fast spectrophotometer built as an educational solution suitable for a wide range of experiments in different applications such as Absorbance, Transmittance, Kinetics. An optional Fluorescence upgrade offers unmatched flexibility with a large number of available LEDs and easy switch using a slide configuration. Ensina can also be upgraded with an External mode where through and optical fiber it is possible to use this spectrophotometer as a multichannel light detector.

Though Ensina was built as an educational solution, it's performance makes it an affordable visible spectrophotometer and being USB powered can be a flexible, portable spectrophotometer and/or spectrofluorimeter when connected to a laptop. 

  • Ensina

    Ultimate Flexibility Portable Educational Spectrophotometer.