There are many ways to perform Absorbance measurements, either with the traditional cuvettes, probes that can be used in reaction vessels or flow cells. With Sarspec’s spectrometers the absorbance measurements can be made either with speeds up to 2857 spectra per second, optical resolutions better than 0.1 nm in a detection range from 180 to 1100 nm. The spectrometers used in these configurations have extra flexibility and robustness (with no moving parts) when compared with regular spectrophotometers and allow full spectra acquisition with time resolution down to 350 µsec - ideal when performing Absorbance vs. Wavelength vs. Time measurements.

As full pack for Absorbance measurements all SPEC Packs are configured with wide range UV/Vis/NIR spectrometers, Light Source DW (Deuterium Tungsten) and different accessories depending on application. The available pre-configured solutions from Sarspec for Absorbance are: