Optical Fiber Probes / Transmission Probes

Sarspec’s transmission probes are the right choice for immerse Transmittance/Absorbance measurements. This solution is ideal for measurements in reaction vessels in real time mode. 

  • Built for Absorbance and Transmittance measurements in liquid samples
  • Great solution for real time reaction monitoring
  • Available pathlengths of 2, 5 and 10 mm
  • Probe and jacket in stainless steel for maximum resistance

It’s quite useful to use Lightscan software in Kinetics mode to monitor the Absorbance/Transmittance in specific wavelengths. Transmission probes can be purchased as a full pack as Absorbance Spec Pack Probe where all required instrumentation is included and optimized for the best results. 

Transmission probes are built using two fibers, for illumination and collection, respectively. Illumination happens with a collimated beam through the sample onto a reflecting mirror, the reflected light beam passes back through the sample and is coupled into the collection fiber for connection to the spectrometer/detector.

The full configuration requires the selection of wavelength range and core diameter of the optical fiber. The probe and jacket are made of stainless steel for maximum robustness and durability.

Different pathlengths are available just by changing the tip of the probe. Available pathlengths are 2, 5 and 10 mm.

Parameter Value
Wavelength ranges 180-1200 nm (UV/Vis)or 300-2400 nm (Vis/NIR)
Fiber core diameters  400 and 600 µm
Optical pathlengths 2, 5 and 10 mm
Probe length 150 mm
Probe diameter 6.35 mm
Fiber jacket 5 mm stainless steel
probe material 316 stainless steel
Operating temperature up to 200º C
Connectors SMA 905

Please configure the desired Transmission Probe:


Ordering Information
Example: Transmission Probe, UV range, 400um core diameter, 100cm length and stainless steel jacket TP-UV- 400-100
Transmission Probe Tip 2 mm TIP-2
Transmission Probe Tip 5 mm TIP-5
Transmission Probe Tip 10 mm TIP-10



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