Optical Fiber Probes / REFLECTION PROBES

A reflection probe is used to get spectral information of specular or diffuse reflectance from a surface, fluorescence from solid surfaces, or backscattering and fluorescence in solutions and powders. Sarspec's reflection probes have the following characteristics:

• Built for Reflectance measurements
• Allows Specular and Diffuse Reflectance measurements when combined with the probe holder (PH)
• Six illumination fibers around one collection fiber configuration as standard
• Available in the UV/Vis or Vis/NIR wavelength ranges



Consists of a tight bundle of 7 optical fibers in a stainless steel ferrule - 6 illumination fibers around 1 collection fiber. A light source is coupled into the 6 illumination fibers and carried to the probe end. The surface will selectively reflect light back into the central fiber. This fiber with SMA 905 connector is coupled to a spectrometer. Higher core diameter fibers transmit more intensity from the light source and increases the collected signal. Reflection probes are available in two wavelength ranges: UV/Vis and Vis/NIR.

Sarspec’s probe holders are created to secure Reflection Probes, positioning it with an angle of incidence (A.I.) of 0º or 45º. These positions are ideal for Specular as Diffuse Reflection measurements making this accessory a simple solution for extra flexibility when using reflection probes. 
The probe holder is made of anodized aluminium with 6.35 mm positioning holes and fixing screws granting the same distance to the sample between measurements.

Parameter Value
Wavelength ranges 180-1200 nm (UV/Vis) or 300-2400 nm (Vis/NIR)
Fiber core diameters 200, 400 and 600 µm
Probe length 100 mm
Probe diameter 6.35 mm
Fiber jacket 5 mm stainless steel
Probe material 316 stainless steel
Operating temperature up to 200º C
Connectors SMA 905


Sarspec Probe Holder is an essential product for your reflectance measeurements since it is extremely adaptable because allow positioning reflection probes at 45° and 90° to flat surfaces. It is also a very robust accessory, made of anodized aluminum and can support diferent probes with diameters up to 6.35 mm. 

The probe holder includes two screws for fixing the probe at a specific distance from the sample for maximum results reproducibility.




Please configure the desired Reflection Probe:



Ordering Information
Example: Reflection Probe, UV range, 400um core diameter, 100cm length and stainless steel jacket RP-UV- 400-100
Probe Holder PH



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