Xenon 300 / Xenon 300

Providing brighter light than its competitors, this light source has a high performance, an extremely powerful lamp with very high light intensity and a wavelength range from 190 nm to more than 2000 nm. It can be used with an optical fiber or air transmission.

The very small size of the arc lamp makes it possible to focus the light from the lamp with good precision. This equipment achieve maximum efficiency with safety concerns.

If it’s too much intensity for a specific application its always possible to adjust localy (knob) or remotely the intensity for a minimum of 180 W.

Specially designed for Fluorescence measurements it can be attached to our multipurpose cuvette holder via a specially built optical fiber bundle that can handle the heat generated by the source or by direct attach. This light source can also be used for air transmission with the collimated beam coupled to an optical system or for high power irradiation.

Included in this instrument are the slide filter holder (internal) and shutter. 

Remote control allows to operate the shutter (open/close), the intensity and enable/disable the lamp. 

The relative output for this light source can be found below.


Parameter Value
Wavelength range 190-2000+ nm
Peak instabilities 4%
Lamp lifetime 1000 h (50% of initial output)
Color temperature 5050 Kelvin
Voltage 90-264 Vac / 47-63 Hz
Maximum input power < 500 W / < 7 A
Local / Remote Intensity control, lamp operation and shutter Yes / Yes
Shutter / Filter Holder Yes / Yes (internal)
Safety interlock Yes
Operating temperature (max.) 150º C
Weight 6 Kg
Dimensions 300 (L) x 220 (D) x 160 (H) mm
Lamp Output Power (adjustable from 180 to 320 W)
UV < 390 nm 6.6 W
Visible: 390 to 770 nm 4500 Lumens
IR > 770 nm 26.8 W
Fiber coupled (6 mm core diameter) 29 W (max.)
Product Reference
Light Source Xe300 LS-Xe300
Replacement lamp for LS-Xe300 B-Xe300
6 mm fiber bundle 1 m for Xe300 FB-6-Xe300



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