Tungsten / LS-W

Sarspec’s LS-W is the most complete Vis-NIR light source in the market integrating a Tungsten-Halogen lamp with manual intensity control, shutter, filter holder and SMA 905 connector. This compact equipment offers the possibility to have four different Tungsten-Halogen lamps (7, 14, 20 and 25 W) with wavelength ranges from 300-3000 nm for the 20 W version and 380-3000 nm for the remaining ones. 

This light source is a great option for Reflectance such as color measurements. For users that want to perform  Fluorescence measurements we advise the 25 W version or the 7 W version for Absorbance and Transmittance. The light source allows lamps interchangeability without any hardware modification.

All four configurations have local (knob) and remote intensity control which allows users to select the right intensity for their applications, allowing higher flexibility.
All features from LS-W can be controlled remotely via D-SUB connector and TTL compatible signals, namelly the shutter, intensity control and lamp operation.

The graphic below shows the spectral irradiance for a LS-W 20W.



  LS-W 7 W LS-W 14 W LS-W 20 W LS-W 25 W
Spectral distribution 380-3000 nm 380-3000 nm 300-3000 nm 380-3000 nm
Lamp Tungsten-Halogen
Power requirements 15 Vdc / 2 Adc max.
Power consumption (max.) 12 W 19 W 25 W 30 W
Warm-up time Approx. 5 min
Shutter Yes
Local intensity control Yes
Remote Operation shutter, lamp enabling (TTL compatible signals)
Intensity control (analog and PWM)
Fiber connector SMA 905
Cooling Air cooling
Operating life 4000 h 4000 h 1500 h 4000 h
Colour temperature 2800 K 2800 K 2950 K 2800 K
Luminous flux 105 lm 240 lm 350 lm 500 lm
Bulb UV filter Yes Yes No Yes
Dimensions 200(L) x 92 (D) x 72 (H) mm
Weight 1,1 Kg
Ordering Information
Light source LS-W7 LS-W14 LS-W20 LS-W25
Replacement lamp B-W7 B-W14 B-W20 B-W25
Product Reference
Light source LS-W 7 W LS-W7
Replacement lamp W7 B-W7
Light source LS-W 14 W LS-W14
Replacement lamp W14 B-W14
Light source LS-W 20 W LS-W20
Replacement lamp W20 B-W20
Light source LS-W 25 W LS-W25
Replacement lamp W25 B-W25



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