With one 18 W Silicon Nitride emitter, the Light Source LS-MIR was specially designed for infrared applications providing a wavelength range from 500 to 5000+ nm. This is an high flexibility product that includes shutter, slide filter holder, intensity control and remote operation.

The flexibility of this light source is granted not only for its wide wavelength range but also for the included slide filter holder allowing the selection of a specific range. Tthe intensity control offers the user the possibility to select the correct intensity for each application.

The LS-MIR includes a shutter to avoid overexpose the sample without turning off the lamp.

All features from LS-MIR can be controlled remotely via the D-SUB connector a TTL compatible signal, namelly the shutter, intensity control and emitter operation.

The emitter included in this instrument has an estimated  lifetime of 5000h reducing usage cost.

There’s no point in having an high power emitter when a high percentage of light is not coupled into the fiber. For that reason Sarspec uses 12.7 mm diameter lens offering high efficiency light collection

Please check below the expected behaviour for the LS-MIR light source.


Parameter Value
Wavelength range 500 - 5000+ nm
Emitter Silicon nitride
Power requirements 15 Vdc / 2 Adc max.
Power cons. (Max.) 23 W
Warm-up time Approx. 5 min
Shutter / Filter holder Yes / Yes
Manual intensity control Yes
Emitter power 18 W
Emitter lifetime 5000 h
Temperature 1150º C
Remote Operation  Shutter, Emitter operation (TTL compatible signal)
Intensity control (analog and PWM)
Fiber connector SMA 905
Cooling Air cooling
Dimensions 200 (L) x 92 (D) x 72 (H) mm
Weight 1.1 Kg
Product Reference
Light Source LS-MIR LS-MIR
replacement emitter LS-MIR B-MIR



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