All available LED light sources in the market were until now either single channel with complex LED interchangeability (when possible) or expensive and complex multichannel sources. With this patent pending approach, Sarspec makes it easy to change between different LEDs/wavelengths just by inserting a LED slide into a slot holder.

The LED slides are ready to use without the need of any wire connections. With this approach it’s possible to use any of more than 60 LEDs/Wavelengths available, purchasing only one light source and adding the required LEDs ranging from 275 nm to 4600 nm. 

This LED light source is the typical application for Fluorescence  and to maximize sensitivity Sarspec supplies high power LEDs with optical power up to 750 mW. 

The advanced electronics allows the LED to operate in continuous, pulsed and modulated mode with several trigger functions (int. CW, int. pulsed, ext. pulsed, ext. modulated, ext. CW).

For users that want to operate the light source locally there’s a manual intensity control to adjust the intensity for each application.

The spectra on the right demonstrates the typical behaviour of a 365 nm LED from Sarspec.

For LED changing is as easy as sliding the LED to the slot!

Parameter Value
Available wavelengths from 275 nm to 4.6 µm
Optical power from 500 µW to 750 mW (CW)
Applications Fluorescence
Operation modes Continuous (CW), Int. Pulsed, Ext. Pulsed and Ext. Modulated
Pulse frequency 1 KHz, 1% duty cycle
Intensity control

Manual knob adjust, (CW, int. Pulsed, ext. Pulsed)

Remote (ext. modulated / CW)

External control Pulsed (max. 1KHz) and Modulated (CW-500 KHz) 
Power requirements 9 Vdc / 2 A
Power consumption (max.) 7 W
Trigger Out / In Yes / Yes
Fiber connector SMA 905
Operating life LED dependent
Dimensions 80 (L) x 70 (D) x 80 (H) mm
Weight 650 g
Product Reference
LED Light Source LS-LED
LED Slide LED-xxxx*

*xxxx = wavelength in nm



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