Deuterium Tungsten / LS-DW

LS-DW is a complete UV/VIS/NIR light source with a deuterium and a tungsten-halogen lamp in shine-through configuration, shutter and SMA 905 connector. Due to it’s high stability and reliability is the perfect solution for absorbance and transmittance measurements. 

In all supplied sources is also included a shutter that allows a simple operation for dark measurements and eliminates the need to turn off the lamps resulting in more stability and extended lifetime.

The remote control allows lamp selection and shutter operation via D-SUB connection. 

The useable wavelenght range from this Light Source is from 200 to 1100 nm but can be extended to 185 nm with a Deep UV optional Deuterium lamp. Both lamps can work independently in the spectral region  of interest for extended life time. The lamps are easily replaceable due to a simple connection and to a pre-aligned mounting ring.

The relative intensity of the Light Source Deuterium Tungsten is available in the image below.


Parameter Value
Spectral distribution 200-1100 nm (optional 185-1100 nm)
Lamps Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen
Applications Absorbance, Transmittance
Stability (Deuterium lamp) ≤ 1x10-3 AU
Drift (Deuterium lamp) ≤ 0,25% / h
Power requirements 12 Vdc / 0.6 Adc
Power consumption (max.) 6 W
Warm-up time Approx. 8 min (with both lamps on)
Shutter Yes
Local and Remote operation Shutter (open/close); Lamp selector
Fiber connector SMA 905
Cooling Not required
Deuterium operating life ≥ 1000 h @ 240 nm (50% intensity loss)
Tungsten operating life ≥ 2000 h
Dimensions 200 (L) x 65 (D) x 65 (H) mm
Weight 800 g


Light Source Reference
Light source DW 200-1100 nm LS-DW
Light source DW 185-1100 nm LS-DW-DUV
Replacement Lamp Deuterium/Tungsten B-DW
Replacement Lamp Deuterium/Tungsten - Deep UV B-DW-DUV



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