Deuterium Tungsten HPower / LS-DWHP

With 30 W Deuterium and 20 W Tungsten-Halogen lamps, the LS-DWHP is the most complete high power UV/VIS/NIR light source. Configured in shine-through design, with 12.7 focusing lens for maximum light collection, local or remote operation and SMA 905 connector. Both lamps can work independently in the spectral region of interest for extended life time, and are easily replaceable.

In all supplied sources is also included a shutter which allows a simple operation for dark measurements and eliminates the need to turn off the lamps.

The remote operation allows lamp selection and shutter control via D-SUB connection with a TTL compatible signal.

This light source includes a slot filter holder which makes the  change between Sarspec’s slide filters quite easy. This feature is also very convenient for fluorescence measurements. By adding neutral density filters it’s also possible to perform Absorbance and Transmittance measurements.

The spectral irradiance for both Deuterium (left) and Tungsten (right) lamps are in the images below.

Parameter Value
Spectral distribution 190-3000 nm
Lamps Deuterium (30 W) and Tungsten-Halogen (20 W)
Noise (Deuterium Lamp) ≤0.005% p-p @ 250 nm ≈ (2 x 10-5 AU)
Drift (Deuterium Lamp) ±0.5% / h  @ 250 nm  ≈  (2 x 10-3 AU)
Power requirements 24 Vdc / 4.5 Adc max.
Power consumption (max.) 70 W
Warm-up time Approx. 30 min (Deuterium), 5 min (Tungsten)
Shutter Yes
Remote Operation  Shutter, Lamp selector (TTL compatible signal)
Fiber connector SMA 905
Cooling Air cooling
Deuterium operating life 2000 h (intensity decrease ≥ 50% @ 230 nm)
Tungsten operating life 1500 h
Dimensions  250 (L) x 130 (D) x 105 (H) mm
Weight 2.6 Kg
Applications Reflectance, Fluorescence, Absorbance, Transmittance


Product Reference
Light Source DW HP 190-3000 nm LS-DWHP
Replacement Lamp Deuterium B-DWHP-D
Replacement Lamp Tungsten B-W20



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