Reflectance Standards / Reflectance standards

Sarspec has available two types of reflectance standards, for diffuse and specular reflectance. 

The specular reflectance type consists of a 50 mm mirror with fused silica substrate coated with Al-MgF2 for high specular reflectivity in a wavelength range from 250 to 2500 nm.

For diffuse reflectance all Sarspec standards use optical PTFE which consists of a pure polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) disc with 50 mm diameter. As a result of its incomparable whiteness and purity, optical PTFE achieves virtually ideal Lambertian reflectance properties with a reflectivity coefficient of up to 98% in a broad wavelength range from 250 to 2500 nm. Aditional advantages when using optical PTFE is its high UV stability, universal chemical resistance and can be easily cleaned. 

Sarspec offers one specular standard and three diffuse standards corresponding to reflectivities of 98%, 50% and 10%. There’s also the possibility of customization for different sizes or reflectivities.

Parameter Diffuse reflectance Specular reflectance
Material Optical PTFE Fused Silica / Al-MgF2
Diameter 50 mm 50 mm
Thickness 10 mm 12 mm
Wavelength range 250-2500 nm
Max. Temperature 260º C 80º C
Housing Black anodized aluminium
Ordering information
Diffuse Reflectance Standard, PTFE, 98% Reflectance DRSTD98
Diffuse Reflectance Standard, PTFE, 50% Reflectance DRSTD50
Diffuse Reflectance Standard, PTFE, 10% Reflectance DRSTD10
Specular Reflectance Standard SRSTD




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