In-Line Filter Holder / In-Line Filter Holder

  1. Sarspec’s In-Line Filter Holder (ILFH) can be used with up to 3 filters with 3 mm thick x 12.5 mm / 1/2” diameter and includes 2 collimating lenses CL1 and 2 spacers.

  2. With the filters available from Sarspec it is possible to choose the right illumination or specific wavelengths to irradiate or collect light. The two SMA 905 connectors allows the coupling with two optical fibers.

    The filters are easily replaceable by unscrewing the two-part housing. Please check our filter section for the available filters for this accessory 

  Standard CL
Lens diameter 6 mm
Filters diameter 12.5 mm / 1/2" (max. 3 with 3 mm thick)
Lens material UV Fused Silica
Connection SMA 905
Wavelength range 180-2000+ nm (UV/Vis/NIR)
Product Reference
In-line filter holder ILFH




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