Flow Cells / Flow cells

Flow Cells are available in stainless steel or PTFE according the applications, with 10 mm pathlength and sealed sapphire windows in each of the fiber optic connectors. Our flows cells allow two types of measurement techniques: Absorbance and Fluorescence.

For Absorbance, cells are designed in Z shape with 10 mm pathlength and for Fluorescence the cells are designed with a 90º configuration between excitation and emission. Both configurations are designed to provide optimum flow, maximum light intensity and minimum bubble entrapment. 

The robustness of this system is algo granted by the use of Sapphire windows for wide wavelength range transmission (180-5000 nm) and  great resistance to mechanical ware and harsh chemicals.

Each flow cell is delivered with the required sapphire windows, SMA connectors, chemically resistant seals, 1/16’’ (Absorbance) or 1/8" (Fluorescence) O.D. tube fittings and 10 cm tubing.

Parameter Value
Applications Absorbance, Fluorescence
Cell material Stainless steel, PTFE
Window material Sapphire
Wavelength range 180-5000 nm
Internal volume (optical path) 7.85 µl for Absorbance, 31.4 µl for Fluorescence
Tubing diameter (Internal/External) 0.04'' (1.02 mm) - 1/16'' (1.59 mm) / 0.08" (2.03 mm) - 1/8" (3.18 mm)
Tube fittings Nuts and Ferrules for 1/16'' or 1/8" O.D. tubing
Optical connectors Standard SMA 905
Ordering Information
Flow Cell, 10 mm pathlength, Absorbance, Stainless Steel FCASS
Flow Cell, 10 mm pathlength, Fluorescence, Stainless Steel FCFSS
Flow Cell, 10 mm pathlength for Absorbance, PTFE FCAPE
Flow Cell, 10 mm pathlength for Fluorescence, PTFE FCFPE
Sapphire Window, 5mm for flow cell SW5



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